Stories from the Sky Poet's Eye

Guldara's Tale

Guldara the Giant lives inside a large hill. Her hobbies include collecting bones, skulls and shells and speaking to the Sky Poet. She has two responsibilities. The first is guarding a special treasure, a magic cauldron, which involves a lot of checking for enemies. The second began when her parents disappeared. She couldn't remember why they left, and made a special Moon Mark with her favourite boulder, to record every day since. Despite searching for them, The Counsel had failed to find these gigantic beings, and so sent a Protector to help Guldara. He lived in a hut at the bottom of the hill, and was her best and only friend. One morning, she visited him and made a dark discovery. 

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Each one I make, in some small way, marks out who I am. 
Each one I make, in other ways, marks out my old clan.

Guldara the Giant